May 15–16, 2020

Interdepartmental and interdisciplinary
interaction in orthopedics, neurology,
rehabilitation and orthosis

Scientific and applied conference


Dear colleagues!

We live and work in a fast-changing world. Development of health technologies has reached unprecedented pace in recent years. New alloys, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials along with additive manufacturing application, development of new diagnostic and medical devices, application of hardware and surgical methods, robotics engineering development are changing the approach towards treatment and rehabilitation process of many different patients. High-speed data transmission technology allows specialists to get almost immediate access to the information about new inventions and treatment methods.

Under these circumstances there is a huge amount of information available, and opportunities for detailing in any fields possible are virtually unlimited. As a result, more and more professionals become focused on sub-specialisations leading to inevitable misunderstanding, insufficient information exchange, and lack of continuity between specialists of different kinds who treat the same patient. Despite increasing availability of high-tech treatment methods and increasing in health-care expenditures it is not always possible to get the best final result while solving patient’s problems.

The demand for an interdisciplinary dialogue is obvious. It is not easy to find a mutual understanding between specialists from various fields; it is a complex process of meticulous work, patience, and creative solutions. But every step, even the smallest one, towards this gives an opportunity to provide patients with better healthcare.  

Our event has been held since 2016 and it has become a discussion platform for specialists who treat patients suffering from orthopedic pathology conditions which need an interdisciplinary approach. This event is distinguished by a high-quality online broadcasting of reports and workshops using HD photo and video recording, as well as by the distance participation option. A target audience includes heads of prevention and treatment centres, orthopedic and trauma surgeons, rehabilitation therapists, neurologists, physiotherapists, kinesiotherapists, medical and social assessment board specialists, physical therapists, specialists of prosthetic and orthotic institutions, prosthetic technicians, social insurance fund employees, and representatives of patient and parent organisations.

Mission of this conference is to find the ways to improve healthcare through a dialogue between professionals in various fields and from various institutions.

This 2020 event will be held on 15-16 May in Saint Petersburg.  

Main topics of the conference are:

  • Prosthetics and orthotics of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Modern rehabilitation technologies, including non-operative and operative preparation before prosthetics.
  • Care management of patients with neuro-orthopedic disorders.  
  • Non-operative treatment of patients with neuro-orthopedic disorders.
  • Orthotics follow-up and rehabilitation for spinal diseases.
  • Modern clinical orthotics of patients with upper limb disorders.
  • Technologies of rehabilitation and rehabilitation industry.
  • New models of effective cooperation between medical and social assessment boards and medical specialists.
  • Cooperation of patient organisations with medical community.